I Need to Ask this: For Me and For You

If you want to understand more fully what I am doing here, what I want to express, what I want to communicate, what I am feeling and why I want to tell you about it – please scroll down, way down, to the earliest posts and start there. It will make more sense that wayContinue reading “I Need to Ask this: For Me and For You”

More About Those Early Times

Belvedere Street, where my family had moved when I about 10 years old, was a long street, full of dozens of immigrants. There were many flats, and some apartments in three story buildings, and at the end of certain blocks, there were ‘corner’ stores. In one of the apartments lived a girl, several years olderContinue reading “More About Those Early Times”

Back in the City

Gerald B.  Back home on Dexxxxx Street, there was a high-school boy named Gerald B, who lived a few doors down from our flat.  He was at least 15 and he was often home alone in the afternoon, as I guess his parents worked.  One day, he saw me through his window and called myContinue reading “Back in the City”

Still Very Young

I have been remembering so much about my childhood and girlhood.  So I will continue to tell about that. Later, I will talk about my life as a young adult, even though I never have truly felt like an full-fledged ‘adult’ – and even now, I still don’t quite feel convinced that I am ‘allContinue reading “Still Very Young”